Verstappen: “I Commissari non devono essere testardi”

Verstappen: “Commissioners must not be stubborn” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

In the midst of the show given by the pilots during the Austrian Grand Prixhowever, there was no lack of controversy for some particularly contested aspects over the weekend at the Red Bull Ring; among these, the one that created the greatest disappointment was the question linked to track limitswith protests that also came from the participants in the two cadet categories of the Circus engaged in the weekend.

Specifically, the element that created the most heated debates focused on excessive severity of the Race Direction regarding the failure to respect the track limits, which were exceeded several times by the drivers and with several of them found themselves with a time penalty to be discounted during or after the race. The reigning world champion also intervened in this regard Max Verstappenalso close to suffering a penalty and upset by this rule, even more so on a circuit with the characteristics of the Red Bull Ring.

In the post-race press conference, the Dutchman in fact focused on this topic, asking for greater flexibility on the evaluation of this type of episode: “I don’t think it necessarily depends on a race director, I think it’s more important to work with the riders instead of maintain their position and be stubborn – stated Verstappen – we want to make things better for everyone, and we are not fighting for ourselves. At the end of the day, more or less, all of us riders agree on various points when we discuss each other. Of course everyone has their own opinions on some things, but I think the track-limits have been ridiculous this weekend, in F1 as well as in F2 and F3. It is easy to say from the outside: ‘Yes, but you have to stay within the white lines’. It sounds very easy, but it’s not. When you go that fast in a corner, and some are a little blind, if you have a little more understeer and if the tires wear out it’s easy to cross the white line. Do we really buy time? Maybe yes maybe no. To be honest, there are only two or three corners where you can widen a little more. I don’t think we should have this value on a millimeter beyond which there is a penalty or something – he added – then just add a wall or put some gravel as in turn 6 at the exit. I think it’s great, because you punish yourself if you go wide. They are things that we must study to improve the situation, because even for the Commissioners it is almost impossible to control this type of thing. You would need a man in a car for the whole race to check for the whole lap if you don’t get out of the white line. On this track, at least in some places, you are naturally penalized if you go a little wider and touch the gravel. This kind of thing, in my opinion, it’s not good for sports, and that’s just one of the things. We can certainly do better, and we will work to improve ”.

They have been well 43 the infringements detected by the sensors during the Austrian F1 Grand Prix, which led to the cancellation of as many lap times.

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