Should fantasy managers be in or out on Saquon Barkley?

Should fantasy managers be in or out on Saquon Barkley?

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Liz Loza and Dalton Del Don look at the fantasy potential for the Giants fifth-year running back in 2022.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: I did some research. And I might be– I’m not ranking Barkley ahead of Mixon. But I’ve come around on Barkley I wrote an article about it too for the website. But I do think there is something to be said not just because of the metrics on the field but his contract situation and the new regime. I think he’s going to touch the ball like 20 times a game.

And so again, volume, talent, I’m not quite sure how effective, how productive that ecosystem is going to be. But it certainly is positioned to be in a more efficient place than it was last year, given the coaching change and all of the other additions.

DALTON DEL DON: With Daboll there, he’s a whole other year removed from the ACL surgery. Yet his ADP is worse. And last year, that fluke where they were running him, he ran into his ankle. He sprained his ankle on that fluke, fluke play when the play was over. And his production just tanked right afterwards.

So I am back in on Barkley, but I can understand people like Pianowski who’ve basically written him off completely.

LIZ LOZA: Oh, the cheese is bad. The cheese is bad.

DALTON DEL DON: Because he’s been super-injury-prone lately. I totally understand that thought process as well too.

LIZ LOZA: Well, they did work to–

DALTON DEL DON: But I’m back in with ranking him aggressively.

LIZ LOZA: They have moved around the offensive line some. And I think the other thing we forget is that there were so many wide receivers continuously injured, Sterling Shepard, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, so many injuries to the receiving corps that, again, volume is great, but a ton of volume can offset efficiency.

So Barkley couldn’t be efficient because he’s got to get into space. There are just too many– it was too easy to focus on him. And he’s not a power rusher. That’s never been where he was able to shine. So I’m with you.

I think he’s an intriguing value for people who have pretty high tolerance and don’t mind a potential injury popping up. But anyone at this position is in that position. So I’m with you, but I’m still– actually, I’m going to look and see where I have him. I’m being a little longwinded.

All right, I moved him up to RB-14, just for listener context. You have him at RB-7. I am the second highest on him of Yahoo consensus. Everyone else has him at RB-17. I’m at 14. You’re at seven. So that’s where we’re at.

Let’s move on to–

DALTON DEL DON: Let me just say, when comparing injury risk– real quickly, when comparing injury risk, don’t forget that everyone, every running back has a high injury risk as well. Yes, his may be higher. But you’re not comparing him to a zero or even a 40. I mean, every of these lead backs come with durability concerns.

But again, I can certainly appreciate someone just saying, ah, it’s been too frequent and enough of the excuses. But I’m back in.

LIZ LOZA: Yeah. Well, I think also, for fantasy strategy though, you can’t just have the burnt takes. You can’t just assume that what happened last year is going to happen again. You have to find value. You have to speculate, as the stock bros say.

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