Formula 1. What is missing from the Ferrari F1-75? – Formula 1

Formula 1. What is missing from the Ferrari F1-75?  - Formula 1
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The Ferrari F1-75 has so far proved capable of competing for victory and pole. But there is something that could make it even more effective

13 maggio 2022

La Ferrari F1-75 so far it has proved to be one solid single-seater, capable of proving to be performing on all types of tracks and allowing Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to be able win or fight for pole position. Thanks to a motor which this year is very powerful and with many horses, but also of the design philosophy of the car, an apt interpretation of the new technical regulation. If in some GPs Ferrari did not win it is because its direct rival, the Red Bull, proved to be faster on the straight and in the quick sections, with higher top speeds than the Ferrari. There Red, on the other hand, is superior in mixed and slow strokes.

MWhy do the F1-75 and RB18 stand out in different areas? It depends on the design philosophy of its cars, especially as regards the different conformation of the bellies, capable of creating greater or lesser aerodynamic resistance to advancement. There Ferrari (A) adopts massive and bulky bellies, but above all high and quite wide also in the rear area. Not only that: there is also a scooped area above the bellies in the internal area in contact between the tank and the engine. This is a solution that generates higher resistance to running compared to the philosophies of Red Bull and Mercedes.

La Red Bullinstead, it adopts leaner bellies (B), more dug in the initial area under the air vents to the radiators, but above all very low in the rear area, going down to the base of the bottom. These forms undoubtedly offer lower resistance to running. The unprecedented and original spoon shape hollowed out of the upper area of ​​the bellies of the F1-75 (C) has also been designed to direct and channel the air flows towards the rear wing, creating more downforce at the rear.

A about the rear, too the design and shape of the rear wing (D) count a lot to get higher top speeds. Ferrari has always used a heavily laden rear wing and with greater depth in the central area than the Red Bull, even on fast tracks and characterized by very long straights. Clearly this type of wing (at high load) gives advantages on mixed and slow sections but penalizes on the straight in terms of top speed. There Red Bullinstead, it presents a much lighter rear wing (E) with less depth in the central area than the Ferrari to a great advantage on the straight.

Dthe consequence, if the Ferrari managed to gain in terms of top speed on the straight it would probably become even more effective. This could certainly be done by adopting a new unloaded rear wing, planned for Miami, but not used in Florida. What Ferrari is missing today is a pinch of higher speed on the straight also to take advantage of the DRS. All that remains is to wait for the substantial updates to the F1-75 expected in Barcelona to find out how the Red team decided to move in the development of its car.

Gabriele Pirovano, author of the drawing, contributed to the text

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