Formula 1, the false start of the Alpha Tauri: it hadn’t started so bad for 7 years

Elena Rave
Another Grand Prix to forget for the Alpha Tauri, who failed to snatch points at the end of a decidedly gray weekend in the living room of Monte Carlo. The problems had already arisen from qualifying, when Gasly, due to the poorly managed exit time of the engineers, was immediately eliminated in Q1, with the Frenchman then starting from the 17th place. The culmination was that the red flag that had complicated the final part of Q1 was caused by a wall contact from his teammate Tsunoda. «We started from P17 and arrived in P11 – these are the words of Pierre Gasly at the end of the Grand Prix – considering Monaco and its track, I would say that we can be satisfied with this result. When I was on the grid and the rain came, I had a smile on my face, because I knew that this was our opportunity to try something different to try to catch up. We took some risks: I asked for intermediates on the first lap because we had nothing to lose. We managed to pass some cars, as we had the pace, and I must say that from the cockpit it was really exciting. Obviously it was difficult, I was sliding everywhere, but it was really fun because I was driving at the limit and this is the meaning of Formula 1 ». While Gasly was able to improve his situation compared to his position on the grid, the opposite happened for Tsunoda. The Japanese driver started from 11th position and crossed the line only 17th. «It was a frustrating day – said Yuki – I didn’t start well and at the time of the red flag I was in P16. I have to go see what happened. The pace of the car in the race was good and for the restart we focused on the medium tire, unfortunately this strategy did not pay off today ».
After 7 races disputed, therefore, the Alpha Tauri is found with only 17 points conquered. Let’s say “only” because in 2021 the points obtained after the same number of Grands Prix were 45. In 2020 the points gained after 7 races were 20, but in that season the team from Faenza finished seventh in the constructors’ standings, while in 2021 it finished sixth. 2021 was a golden year: in the first 7 races the Alpha Tauri even got a podium thanks to Gasly’s 3rd place in Azerbaijan. The Frenchman showed great consistency in his results by finishing in the points in 6 consecutive races, from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix to the French Grand Prix. This year the two drivers always scored points in the first 4 races, even if never together, then the zero in Miami arrived. Spain made smiles reappear thanks to Tsunoda and then a zero again in Monte Carlo. In 2021 the confrontation between two drivers was merciless because Gasly finished the season with 110 points against Tsunoda’s 32. This year Tsunoda is for now ahead of the Frenchman (11 points against Gasly’s 6). Certainly the Japanese has improved, but Pierre’s quality is not in question. The team does not seem able to get heavy points, taking advantage of anomalous situations such as rain or the entry of the safety car. Qualifying is always important in a Grand Prix like Monaco and this year the team failed to get the best out of the cars on Saturday, putting a Pierre who is a great lover of rain out of the way. The next race will be in less than two weeks in Azerbaijan, a Grand Prix that brought luck to the Alpha Tauri last year because it celebrated a podium.

Drivers standings: Verstappen 125, Leclerc 116, Perez 110, Russell 84, Sainz 83, Hamilton 50, Norris 48, Bottas 40, Ocon 30, Magnussen 15, Ricciardo 11, Tsunoda 11, Alonso 10, Gasly 6, Vettel 5, Albon 3 , Stroll 2, Zhou 1.
Manufacturers standings: Red Bull 235, Ferrari 199, Mercedes 134, Mclaren 58, Alfa Romeo 41, Alpine 40, Alpha Tauri 17, Haas 15, Aston Martin 7, Williams 3.

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