Fondo piatto flessibile, Wolff: “Scoperti per caso, ora alzeranno le vetture”

Flexible flat bottom, Wolff: “Discovered by chance, now they will raise the cars” – F1 Team – Formula 1

Il Technical Advisory Committee last week, which brought together FIA, Formula 1 and the technical directors of the teams around a table, reaffirmed its intention to introduce, starting from the Belgian GP at the end of August, the technical directive 039, concerning the strengthening of measurements of flat bottoms and their wear, and the introduction of a porpoising metric. Having placed the TD under an urgency in terms of safety, Federation and F1 were able to move freely on the regulations, without having to seek a majority among the teams for the intervention during the current season. According to the rumors coming from the paddock, this has raised a hive of controversy, with as many as six teams that have repeatedly expressed their disappointment, also for the timing of the rules inserted for 2023.

Who is surely observing the situation aligned with FIA and F1 is there Mercedeswith the co-owner of the team, as well as team principal This is Wolff who in the past said he was surprised by what he learned about the flexibility of the flat bottom of his rivals. The Austrian at Paul Ricard reiterated his point of view: “There has been a regulatory change, a technical directive, to clarify what the FIA ​​no longer wishes to see from Spa-Francorchamps onwards in relation to flat bottoms. And for next year we are discussing what to do to eliminate fund issues altogether, to have compliance, but it is still to be decided ”.
Wolff then explained how the issue emerged, starting from the last Canadian GP: I think it was a coincidence that the FIA ​​noticed this aspect in one of the last races, and he immediately said that it was not the case to let it go. We’re not talking about some sort of ‘magic’ like the dual speaker and so it won’t make a big difference. In all probability they will have to run the car with the front higher compared to the past“, And concluded, in the interview with Sky Ukwith a controversial note: “I think this technical directive should have come into effect three races ago when it was discovered. So the talk about the mid-season introduction is wrong. We are clearly talking about something bigger than a simple loophole ”.

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