F1 - The future of F1 will depend on the ongoing generational clash

F1 – The future of F1 will depend on the ongoing generational clash

F1. If there is one thing that this year has clearly split the general opinion between fans and the public in two, it is undoubtedly theintroduction of new circuits increasingly revolutionary and innovative.

An issue that looks as though it is still being addressed many times and in an undoubtedly more frequent way, and which indeed will not find a univocal response that will make everyone agree closely.

We know how much Liberty Media is aiming at a further spectacularization (of a sport that is already very “scenographic” of its own, among other things) with the questionable track choices included in the calendar for the seasons to come; however, the direct actors concerned do not always agree with these decisions, despite themselves.

Here too it is not possible to make a homogeneous discourse that defines a leitmotif general (also because it would be unlikely to agree about twenty different opinions), but some drivers are clearly more anchored to an “old” type of track, while perhaps they turn up their noses a bit when it comes to embracing this futuristic wave, now more and more looming.

the Mexican m Sergio Perez (Oracle Red Bull Racing), during the high fuel tests in Fp2 in Miami

F1. Some pilots oppose Liberty Media’s vision

As you can easily imagine, the alleged progenitor of the “historical pro-circuit” faction is the German Sebastian Vettel: for the pilot Aston MartinIn fact, it is certainly not new to plead causes in such a blatant way, taking sides in favor or not of any question.

This case too was no exception: the number 5 of F1 openly declared that he had not had who knows what positive feedback in having to compete in the American leg of Miami in early May. Imagine the joy of him in thinking that next year will be beyond Miami and Austin also a third American a Las Vegas

No, this decision would have been clearly avoidable for Seb. Indeed, he puts forward the Australian circuit of Bathurst rather than adding yet another stage to say the least “circus”. This track, also known as Mount Panorama Circuitwith its inauguration in 1938 is part of that historical faction that meets the favor of Sebastian and many others like him.

Of course, the fact that this circuit is little known, we suppose plays a rather important role in the eyes of Liberty Media: do you want to put the festive glitz (and above all the great economic return) that would bring Las Vegas to the comparison with an illustrious stranger ?! It is useless to even talk about it.

As if that weren’t enough, the entire plant would need several works to achieve the mandatory grade 1 standard of the FIA, which currently only recognizes a grade 3; it goes without saying that although Seb suggests investing the money earned from these glitzy appointments in those circuits old school who need it, the proposed hypothesis will never find real confirmation.

What if that’s the point ?! If the so-called “old school” tended to defend what were the races held on historic circuits, precisely because that is what made this sport so fascinating? Likely.

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin

F1. There is a real generational clash going on

On the other hand, the generational clash will reveal itself more and more clearly with the passage of time: already now, in the aftermath of the Monegasque appointment and with all the controversies that have arisen, the discrepancies between the riders have been evident.

For a faction of multiple pilots elderly (including e.g. Lewis Hamilton o Fernando Alonso) who defends the historian with the sword gran prize of Monacothere is another that claims to be able to do without it: it is the case of Mick Schumacher. Who knows, maybe it was that sensational one who spoke for him too crash who split his own Haas practically in two parts.

The point is that presumably there is a strong difference in age in the grid itself, which is why it is not easy to find a meeting point: not that it is only a question of age, but perhaps also for an era in which they are historically speaking, it is probably easier for many young pilots to get used to these revolutionary innovations.

Which, among other things, have no historical flavor at all, but rather seem to be just organized parties ad hoc so that the result is an epochal event in which everything is fictitious.

F1-Author: Silvia Napoletano@silviafunoat

Photo: F1
, Aston Martin, Oracle Red Bull Racing

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