F1, the background on the rear wing of Ferrari: Sainz excluded and penalized?

F1, the background on the rear wing of Ferrari: Sainz excluded and penalized?

What happened to Montreal revealed the limits of one Ferrari magnificent, but still not very reliable and with obvious limitations arising from the components that compromised the performance of this car that had cherished the glorious history of the Maranello team in the first three races of the World Championship.

In addition to the analysis, what aroused some attention were the post-race statements of the team manager Mattia Binotto, which explained some almost unexpected, courageous aspects and interventions on the part of the team. A detail inserted almost in a neglected way, among the statements made, and which concerns the rear wing of the car driven by Charles Leclerc.

Leclerc’s rear wing: the background

The rear wing that was mounted on the F1-75 of the Monegasque driver was destined for the next British GP, a Silverstone. Without going into too technical aspects, from the images the rear wing was no longer square, but rounded to reduce the front section and resistance.
In short, Ferrari tried to anticipate and put on the track the best car capable of competing with Red Bull which – strategy aside – has shown greater efficiency.

The doubt about Sainz and his car

The question arises spontaneously, in light of this. Because the rear wing sent in extremis for Leclerc it was not mounted on the car of Sainz? Wouldn’t he have sanctioned a return to victory and finally interrupted the sequence of “I would have liked” for the Spaniard?

“It was not possible to mount that wing on Carlos – explained Binotto – because the risk would have been too high for the Spaniard. I’ll clarify and explain what I mean: if we put it in qualifying at Sainz and it crashed into the wall of the last corner, we wouldn’t have had any supplies. Having to change the type of wing he would have been penalized and we would not have been in the second row. Too big a risk, because it is a wing we produced for England. We sent the first ready copy to Canada at the last minute ”.

“Charles, on the other hand, was able to qualify more cautiously because, starting from the last row for the engine changes, he knew he didn’t have to take any risks. And if he had also had to replace the wing, at most he would have started not from the back of the grid, but from the pit lane, so it wouldn’t have been a great drama. The choice was therefore obvious… “.

Has Ferrari’s strategy penalized him?

With these answers it would always seem a question of strategy, the doubt legitimately remains considering the undeniable difficulties that the Ferrari has shown that they still have in Canada and that they have expanded the distance in the standings compared to bibitari.


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