F1, 2023 calendar: here are which races risk the place - Formula 1

F1, 2023 calendar: here are which races risk the place – Formula 1

Here are the races that risk not appearing in the calendar of the 2023 Formula 1 season

July 5, 2022

AThe cry of “venghino siori venghino” F1 attracts more and more interests around its races. In a draft calendar circulating among the teams for next year have been included new races. In addition to the return of the China he was born in Qatarwhich should have a duration of ten years, also appear in the draft Las Vegas at night and South Africa at Kyalami, or four more races in addition to the 23 already on the calendar. It is clear that something is not right and someone has to step aside … For the future, however, the doubts concern China which, grappling with the Covid pandemic, is not yet willing to open the doors to F1 in Shanghai, for which despite having a place on the calendar, probably will not do anything next year.

Doubts for Kyalami too. The desire for South Africa and a politically correct GP for Liberty Media collides with two basic problems: the first, the type 1 homologation for the track is missing, too short and with inadequate services, but with the precedent of Zandvoort it is likely that turn a blind eye or two to certain things (see box, paddock club and track). However, there is no money as the local government is grappling with other problems and they don’t necessarily invest in Kyalami’s return, unless Liberty Media does not take up their wallet and pay a share out of their own pockets, as they did in Miami and they will do in Las Vegas in a fully paid-for GP.

And here comes the problem why among the historical competitions the European ones are destined to skip. The France is the first on the list and with the contract expiring this year the doubts concern the future, given that the president of the Region, Estrosi (former motorcycle rider and proponent of the return of Paul Ricard) in a GP proposal has relaunched, as former mayor of Nice, the idea of ​​a city route that immediately met with opposition from the residents. So a situation to be defined. Other problems for Spa. Even if it was a historic race and even if they made big investments with the new stands and the track changed in various places, they are on the black list. Both for the GP 2021 issue with the race lap considered valid with the safety car, and for other local problems, not least the murder of the director which in fact upset the local organization and placed doubts on the new structure.

Montecarlo it is another risky race, but here it is about money that will come out somewhere and finally as well Monza does not sleep soundly. The 2022 GP is held by derogation from the prefect who allowed fans to enter the track, but for 2023 without the works on the underpass (or rather, the underpasses) and adaptation of the roads and infrastructures, the race could be skipped. Not so much for the contract signed with Liberty as for the lack of authorizations for the works, which absolutely must start next October if you want to make it on time. Skipping the GP of 2023 would cancel the contract and therefore Monza disappears from the calendar. Luckily there is Imola which could replace the Italian GP but here too works are urgently needed which at the moment are only on paper. As you can see it is a world championship that takes the road outside Europe with organizers who pay and sign ten-year contracts. And so some races are destined to disappear …

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