Can F1 tires be put on a road car? [VIDEO] - News

Can F1 tires be put on a road car? [VIDEO] – News

Some English guys really did it: they put Formula 1 tires on a road car, the result is very interesting

June 9, 2022

Atoday, as we all know by now, the tires that are used in Formula 1 they are one of the most important elements throughout the race weekend. Over time they have changed dramatically, the chemistry of the tires is always changing from year to year and we try to improve every little aspect.

In watching the races of each weekendhowever, how many of you have ever wondered: “If I put Formula 1 tires on my carwhat would happen? ”

Well, the channel YouTube “Driven Media” satisfied this little curiosity for us fans, with two different cars.

The first is one Caterham seven 270r and the second is the Toyota MR2in both cases, it is interesting how the F1 tires behave.

Different types of tests were carried out with the two cars, as far as the Caterham is concerned, more use was made of them “citizen”, Demonstrating, albeit in a rather comical way, how unreal it is to be able to ride on the street with some roofing of Formula 1.

But the most interesting test was done with the Toyotafirst of all a lap was done on the track with road tires and then with the most performing tires.

Ithe result?

What emerges is very interesting, we are usually used to observing in one we are what could be the strategies and how much the pilots, especially this year with the decrease of temperature of the electric blankets (maximum 70 degrees for the front tires), are brought to the optimum temperature and to perform at their best, without realizing the difficulties they might have.

As he wanted to prove, the tires without any kind of electric blanketon the track or on the road, make the car undriveable, also causing some problems in the test (the left front tire was stuck). After about an hour of waiting and with the tires put in the electric blankets, everything overturns, the grip it is better and the car is decidedly more drivable, lowering the previous time done with road tires by well 3 seconds.

Another small interesting detail is certainly that relating to mechanics of the car, this is because with hot tires that have much more grip, certain components that are certainly not designed for such use, such as the change.

Surely the conclusions are not those of advising you to put Formula 1 tires on your car, but it is interesting to note how the temperatures of the same can significantly affect the performance!

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