British GP: Watch the race live from Silverstone from 4pm

British GP: Watch the race live from Silverstone from 4pm

Giro 5

Top 10

Sainz, Verstappen, Leclerc, Perez, Norris, Hamilton, Gasly, Alonso, Tsunoda, Ocon

Giro 3

Oh my, what a thrill! Sainz remains the leader of the Silverstone GP, while it is a fiery duel between Perez and Leclerc with Ferrari managing to hold the third position with some doors, so much so that both cars report damage to the front wing


It will be a standing start, with the cars that after the formation lap behind the SC will be deployed on the starting grid with the initial order.


Il British GP will restart at 16.56without Russell, Zhou and Albon

Here is the photosequence of the accident

The FIA ​​makes it known that the demonstrators who have invaded the track are in custody

The relief radio team

The FIA ​​passes the radio team to the speakers of the circuit which shows that all the drivers are doing well. The applause explodes from the stands

Scary accident

The Sky replays show how violent the double incident at the start was. It is Gasly’s AlphaTauri that slipped between Zhou and Russell, sparking the accident and chaos that saw Alfa Romeo fly between the safety net and the barriers. Vettel then hit Albon sending him to the wall and making him end up back on the track. Tsunoda and Ocon failed to avoid Williams and were involved in the crash

The FIA ​​reports that Albon has also been taken to the medical center for checks on his health condition.

Zhou and Albon are both conscious

According to Sky, the race will resume in about 20 minutes

Danger of track invasion

From the images of Leclerc’s on board, the FIA ​​makes official the invasion of the track by some peopleprobably some protesters, on the straight towards Brooklands

Let’s recap the start at Silverstone

Verstappen with a huge extension immediately took the lead, leaving Sainz behind.

Reassurances arrive for the conditions of the Chinese driver: Zhou is fine and they are taking him to the medical center for investigation

What happened

From the first reconstructions it appears that Russell was hit by Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri. The Mercedes in turn ended up in Zhou’s Alfa Romeo, which soared on two wheels, flying on the track and also hitting Albon’s Williams.

The conditions of concern Albon-e-Zhou, whose Alfa Romeo literally flew to the track. There is still no news of the two pilots. While Russell and Tsunoda got out of their cars by themselves and are doing well

British GP interrupted on the first lap


Start with a bang!

Mamma mia, I’m leaving for Silverstone! Suffered an accident at the start between Russell, Albon, Tsunoda and Zhou


The British GP begins!

The drivers head off on the formation lap #BritishGP # F1

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 3, 2022

Single-seater on the track

The formation lap is underway! Verstappen has chosen the soft, while the Ferraris, Perez and Mercedes have the medium

Two minutes per training lap!

What a show

The RAF flies over the circuit and the hymn God Save the Queen plays

The starting grid of the GP

See the starting grid here

British GP is starting

Happy Sunday dear Autosprint fans, at Silverstone everything is ready for the 2022 British GP

F1, GP Silverstone in diretta:

The Union Jack returns to watch over Formula 1. The tenth round of the F1 2022 World Championship stops in Silverstone for the historic British GP that gave birth to the very top motorsport competition in 1950. In the home of Sir Lewis Hamiltonand in the circuit that has seen him triumph 8 times in his career, there is one Ferrari, that of Carlos Sainz, who this time dreams of giving a nice surprise to his fans. The Spaniard in qualifying scored his first pole start with the Rossa after 150 GPs, and he wants to take home his first acute in F1.

The deployment of the top ten

Behind the pole and behind the driver from Madrid, Max Verstappen starts who can’t wait to place another paw and stretch in the standings on Charles Leclerc. This time the Monegasque will be in the second row ready to annoy the Dutchman and try to overtake.

At his side, there is the other Red Bull by Sergio Perez. With the two rival teams this season to close the first two rows. Behind the Mexican is Hammer, who took fifth place and with the cheering of his fans, however, promises to give everything in order to upset the balance of the starting grid. They close the top ten Norris, Alonso, Russell, a fantastic Zhou and the surprising Latifi, for the first time in Q3 in his career.

Who will be the new King of Silverstone? We will find out from 4 pm with the Autosprint live broadcast!


Rain or shine? After qualifying in the wet, it looks like the sky will be kind to the English race. In fact, weather forecasts give time clear, partly cloudy at the Silverstone circuit at 4pm, with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius and a wind blowing from the North West around 14 km / h. The probability of showers is around 30-40%.

Tires and strategies at Silverstone

Il Silverstone circuit it’s a tough track for tires, and for 52 giri Pirelli expected for the third time this year brought the three hardest compounds in the range: C1 Hard, C2 Medium and C3 Soft. Rain permitting, the fastest strategy in the race is the two-stop one. Pirelli recommends mounting the averages at the start, then moving on to the hard ones and finally, for the last stint, choosing between medium and soft. However, the one stop tactic, possible but definitely less performing. Here are the possible strategies:

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